Feeling pretty drained right now. Finally settled the air tickets for the indo elective. Actually if I had all autonomy in decisions I think everything will be settled pretty quickly haha but oh well, I need to remember that I’m not doing this solo.

There was a point where there were 3 people talking to me simultaneously, even though there was a group on whatsapp. And I swear, at that moment I really wanted to swear.

It also made me wonder what’s the optimal number of friends to travel with. And… I think one, is the magic number. Because going solo is too scary for now. And having just a second (and no third or fourth or more) opinion to seek is less taxing. Of course when cost isn’t an issue, I think the number doesn’t matter.

One day, I’ll head out into the world alone.

I haven’t finish studying what I wanted to study today so I’m feeling even more burdened now. Especially when I think of having to head out tomorrow for a friend’s concert…. Ugh.


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