Shriveled up

2 episodes of Pinocchio back to back! 🙂

Anyway, today was an uber chill day. Tutorial at 8 to 9am, TBM soya milk + you tiao till 11am (+ girls HTHT), Into The Woods till 2pm, Bugis street till 3.30pm. I think tomorrow’s combined teaching will be definitely more intense in comparison in any case haha. Into The Woods was… quite ok. I felt that it would have been better as an animated film. I didn’t like how abrupt the plot twists are, although in fairy tales, they are sometimes the case too. Meryl Streep was cool though haha.

I feel quite guilty being so indulgent these days. I actually kinda worry about the repercussions. I guess responsibilities keep you grounded and it makes me feel more secure too (although I’ll still grumble a lot).

The HTHT (sort of, actually more of just recounting stuff that happened/is happening) reminds me that I’ll probably always waver at some point in time. But now I don’t dwell on why I waver or whether there’s anything I should be doing. I guess a better way to describe the state of mind is like a snow globe. Everything inside can be shaken, but eventually it’ll all settle down again.

I apologize for the poor english and poor descriptions. My brain is all rattled up by searching and reading research papers. It actually hurts from reading.


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