Breezy night air fills up the room… and my head. Not sure what I should talk about today. Maybe for starters, I’ll just briefly mention the stuff I did since the previous post?

So I studied, finally started on my research again, went for dinner at Peach Garden (my bro’s treat!), then insomnia, then daybreak and hospital – tutorial + clinic + look for case for tomorrow’s tutorial, home, slept, dinner, now. I guess it’s considered pretty productive, except the insomnia part and when I slept after leaving the hospital and I haven’t really studied since I got home. I wonder if the MRT naps are actually useful, because I’m somewhat aware of which stops I’m at, which means I’m not fully sleeping. But oh well, not like I’ll be able to do anything else.

I just scrolled through facebook and there are people still traveling and enjoying their holidays. Whether for exchange or purely touring the tourist sites. Somehow it dawned upon me (again), how little life experiences I have. And looking back at the previous paragraph, it’s really difficult to make my life sound interesting. But I don’t feel like doing anything either. And I’m not sure where to start. The $65 5km run I just got beckoned to join is just unappealing so yeah.

Credits to: hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com. This drawing is pretty apt. Just let me… continue in the monotonous cycle for now (then I’ll come back and complain about it again).


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