Every single day

I never managed to finish Golden Time, but I stumbled upon their OST recently and I really like it haha! Especially this one – Cold by Every Single Day.

The band also performed OST for quite alot of other dramas like Pinocchio, which I am currently watching. It made me want to watch another drama (I Hear Your Voice) too, after watching a fanvid.

And there’s Lee Jong Suk again! The one on the extreme right. Ok I didn’t find him attractive at first… mostly just “Ok another pretty boy”. But after watching him on Pinocchio, yes he is attractive! He can act quite well!!! He’s probably one of the better actors who can cry well enough to make me sad. Shall watch this… after Pros.

Did I mention, Pinocchio only has 3 episodes left! Which will all be aired by the end of next week. I don’t want it to end, but I know that sometimes dragging the drama out is just bad and a waste of time. Oh well. My Sunday just got a bit better now that I found a new band to explore. 🙂 Shall go be productive and a superwoman.


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