Currently catching up on Pinocchio as an early TGIF celebration. This week has been pretty draining but I feel that it mainly stemmed from the travelling and lack of sleep rather than being busy. Anyway, this is a drama worthed watching! I really like the plot and how everything is connected. Although I wouldn’t dare to imagine the plot being real, but I guess it is kindaaa possible too. I also like how the drama doesn’t over sensationalize the love parts. I like how there isn’t that much damsel-in-distress scenes and how both parties care for each other. Looking forward to finishing the show! 6 episodes to go!

Ok I also felt that I wasn’t being productive these days. I wonder if it is more effective to remember stuff by reading them over and over again, or copying the over and over again. I still like it better when someone goes through the content with me though. I guess that’s one of the perks of studying with other people. Sometimes you remember it better because of the weird and funny conversations instead. Time to buck up!!!

And research… is just sigh. I want to throw it aside already. 😦


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