Been awake for almost 14 hours now, with 3 hour of sleep under my belt. You can imagine how low my energy is running now. But if I nap now, I’ll definitely end up with insomnia and it’ll be even harder to get by the next day. Which FYI, includes a tutorial at 8am and 4pm so… I need all the energy can i gather. I wonder how people survive their calls in the hospital.

Anyway some conversations today made me think of how I handle my relationships with people. I can confidently say I can be a decently good friend, but I highly doubt I can do as well as anything else. But oh well, I shall not dwell upon it. No point thinking about things that aren’t happening. Plus I think even if I can give an answer to a hypothetical question, the same situation in reality will probably end up differently.

I feel so incoherent in this very short and abrupt post, so here’s a song to make up for it.


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