Hello it’s the Sunday of 2015. Strange how I still don’t have the “wow it’s a new beginning” feeling. Spent the day being nothing but productive and now I’m spending the night at a wedding dinner.

I really really dreaded coming because my impression of wedding dinners is that they are long and painful and the time between dishes are awfully long. I also dislike small talks with people. But today is ok, thankfully.

In fact, I think today’s wedding dinner is the closest to the one I would hope for for myself.

The good points:
1) Service is considered quick. Do you know how torturous it is to eat while you’re sleepy and you’re never really full… So you just drift between sleepy and hungry states.
2) There’s no redundant entertainment/games which I never found entertaining. Can you imagine how difficult it is to entertain both the very young and the very old at the same time? Unless it’s slapstick comedy… But at a wedding, maybe not.
3) The bring home gift is chocolates. Well, anything practical will do. Best if edible.
4) The playlist is also one of the better ones I’ve heard. I wouldn’t ever include Jason Mraz though. His songs are soooo overused.

For myself… If I ever get to plan my own, something like that is fine. Cos the older folks might think it’s necessary to have a dinner and yumseng stuff.

But if I can totally go freestyle, haha I’ll consider throwing a buffet (best if there are people cooking on the spot), but hopefully everything moves smoothly in a way that people won’t be caught in queues forever. And a super short video for speeches and stuff. Then the end. Hahaha.


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