Good morning to breezy Day 3 of 2015! Somehow managed to pull myself out of bed with only 6 hours of sleep. This is the desperate attempt to readjust my biological clock. Please let it be everything but futile. Ok I shall only give myself up to 10AM until I have to return to reality and hit the books again. That feels like such a dive.

I had a weird dream/ was in a pre-dreaming state (the kind where you waft in between consciousness and the lack of). I was suddenly caught in a situation where my trust was broken by some close friends. It was something like me being judged and criticized for the way I am. It wasn’t the bad aspects of my personality, but more about the way I’m aloof and choose to withdraw from people.

It was such an awful feeling, the feelings actually felt quite real. Makes me wonder what to do if such a thing really happens. Do you stand firm to your ground? Do you confront the people involved? Do you find comrades? Do you just keep quiet and let it hopefully pass? Do you try to change yourself? ūüė¶

Anyway. Here’s a song.¬†The Madden Brothers are actually the founding members of Green Day! Ok I found their music a little different from Green Day songs. But it’s pretty good nonetheless.

Oh I just remembered there’s a new Imagine Dragons song hahahaha.


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