Hello so I am here again to make up for the post I missed out. I have been browsing through some posts on WordPress by complete strangers. And it’s actually quite interesting peeking into people’s private lives. I find myself clicking on personal posts more often instead of posts where the author discusses something/makes lists. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to talk about the latter, and you don’t have to live by them anyway. Talking about your own life is different… it’s like short stories I guess. They are more real. And I feel like Professor X using Cerebro haha.

Just a quick update.

Went out with the bro to get a new bag for work (his). I felt super drained after that although I only travelled one MRT stop and we only shopped for an hour. I sensed a slight discrepancy we have with our supposed gender roles. But overall it was pretty ok, I guess we can get along quite well shopping together haha. He actually said that it’s a good thing that I’m not an aimless shopper hahaha. It’s rare to fish a compliment out of him without even trying. 🙂

My knee has been a little wonky since a badminton session 2 weeks ago. Right now, I can bear weight, it does not give way and there is no swelling or pain. There was some pain initially right after badminton that day. It was vague, inside the joint, a little uncomfortable putting weight on that leg, no locking. I never had a knee injury before, and I don’t recall hearing a pop/snap that day. I remember stretching out in an awkward posture though – flexed and twisted – sounds like a meniscal injury actually. Now I’ll feel some pain (but very bearable) when I squat and especially when I try to put weight on it while squatted. Maybe it’s just a mild sprain. Hopefully my ortho posting will help provide some answers haha.

I’ve been super inactive on Whatsapp recently. I didn’t even bother opening the chats (I can see them from my notifications), much less participate in them. But yeah, I just wanted to avoid the blue ticks for a while… and people. I wonder if this level of anti-socialness is reaching an unhealthy point. I can’t help it if the activities proposed do not interest me right.  And I reply people individually most of the time this time round, because whatever we talk about is interesting. So there, I’m ok. I probably just lack some social communication etiquette.


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