Somewhere in between


Hello, it’s 2015 so technically I just missed a post yesterday. Maybe I’ll post another one few hours later to make up for it. So, this is it, it’s the end of 2014. And a new beginning awaits. 2014 felt long enough. I felt like I have been through/done a lot of things.

Looking back, in terms of school, I got half of year 2 and half of year 3 down. Volleyball competitions and trainings tucked in between once in a long long while. Definitely slightly smarter than the year before. But sometimes I get befuddled with what I’m doing and wonder if all that is worthed it. And whether I have a cause for doing all this studying (and sometimes struggling) in the first place. I suppose that will always be a inner turmoil throughout my life, but I’ll get by one way or another.

Emotionally, I finally managed to settle down – being single. That’s status quo. But I finally got comfortable with that, after attempting(???) to get/ actually getting closer to someone for the second time. Maybe my relationship status didn’t change, but I guess somewhere inside, I became a better person somehow. At least, that is what I’ll like to believe. 🙂

Anyway, do you ever feel like you want to be someone different? Have a different life, have a different reputation. Have fun. Currently, I still feel that there isn’t really that one thing which I deem fun. Other than sports. It’s not like I have the stamina physically and mentally to keep playing sports all the time right? Dramas and games are really just like junk food. I wish I can find something to be really passionate in.

Ok goals for the next 365 days:

  • Post everyday.
  • Save 10 dollars a month = $120 a year!
  • Explore, have fun. 🙂
  • Pass M3 decently and go for electives!

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