Now and then

Today is a cloudy day, and it isn’t bad at all! The winds from yesterday died down a little but it’s still very cooling. Such a privilege in this sunny island.

Decided to study in school today with JZ. If it wasn’t for the agreement I probably would have gone back on my word and just slacked at home. It was such a good weather to sleep in too! Well, actually I already slept in anyway.

Good thing I managed to study a fair amount, although I think it’s about the same amount as I usually would cover at home. But I managed to do so without so much distractions this time. Slowly but surely, I’ll be able to master ortho (enough to do decently well)!

I guess it was a good thing to meet up too. Partly for the gossips, partly just to talk to someone in med school who’s not in the cg. Not that they’re bad or anything. But I felt like popping out of that social circle for a while.

But anyway, I was reminded of how much my life and the people around me resemble a drama. Yeah the centre of the drama involves them and not me. I’m just watching things unravel and just marveling at how unreal things feel sometimes. It feels like a different world altogether when I put my old surroundings side by side to the current one.

I’m quite happy that despite all this, I’m still pretty much the same. I remember SY saying that no matter how much I feel that I did not change, some things inside definitely did. Yeah maybe that’s true. Maybe all I want to say is that I don’t feel bad about myself and my past despite the vast difference when pitted against other people.

Ok so that’s the end of a very random post.


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