How many lightyears

I thought I woke up today with some sort of enlightenment. Which is quite cool, cos it’s as if something happened in my brain while I slept away. Which is also pretty convenient.

I heard of the saying that the people of your past shapes your future, many many times. But I just woke up feeling like I really get it now. How people made you feel in the past about yourself, whether they were lovers or friends, make you who you are today. And sometimes, there’s no need to forget all that, even if the past events were negative. Even if you think you might not like someone in the same way. Those memory slots are reserved for them – the good, the bad, the ugly. They make you better at deciding who/what takes up the next few memory slots.

Maybe it was also because I heard this song recently.

And there was this part:


I just don’t want to stay in some contorted time-space when everyone else I have parted ways with have moved on,  while I’m still waiting at the same spot… waiting for the end where I find that there is really no point waiting.


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