Old habits


Well, I can’t say this are my thoughts exactly but I think I can understand this. I don’t purposely build up walls and defenses to stop people from causing hurt. Partly because I never imagined my life like a TV drama where somebody comes and stir shit in me. But I can understand why it’s difficult to open up your vulnerabilities and giving someone else so much power. It just is.

Sometimes I think it’s interesting how pride and insecurity seem like two ends of the spectrum, yet can co-exist.

Anyway, I just realised that December is coming! And therefore, that means that another year is coming to an end. So… are you where you thought you would be? For me, I can’t answer it because I can’t seem to remember what i had envisioned for myself in the first place. Life in general has been fairly kind to me. There weren’t any major setbacks or turmoils. Peaceful… and ok. I should probably get out and do stuff more often though. Ok is a bit too…  bland.


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