You think way too much


Yesterday I met up with the friend I mentioned in the previous post. It was by chance though, we didn’t arrange it. I was taking another friend’s car to the same destination, and that friend was going to meet him and a few other people. Then halfway on the car ride, she decided to pick him up anyway. Hmm, there isn’t anything much to this story except that we just hung around and I was relieved it was not awkward or anything.

I went home and just told SY about it cos I just felt like telling someone about it.

(What I didn’t say was that I wished we were as comfortable as he is with the other friend of mine. Like anything can go. Like there is no pressure when you want to call somebody. Maybe a large part is really me. I really think think there’s something seriously weirdly wrong with me. Something went wrong a long time ago and I can’t even clearly remember why or when.)


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