With a heavy heart

Hello there, it has been a long and tiring week… or however long it has been. I’m finally done with my surgery write-up and can finally take a short breather. Weekends come by so preciously I really don’t want to waste it away too much. I figured that I can waste my time away while I’m on the public transport and at least not feel guilty about it. So somehow that became time for myself.

Anyway, lots has been happening at home. Apart from feeling inadequate in the hospital, I feel that way at home too. When someone has a problem which I’m supposed to be able to dispense some advice for, I can’t. Sigh, I shall not elaborate much about it. It’s really a long story, and it’s a story for another day.

On the bright side, suddenly things have been moving on rather smoothly in other areas of life. Oddly good luck for my applications for stuff I thought I probably have no chance of getting. Esp since I only put 1 or 2 options in the applications. Figured that even if I get the stuff I didn’t want… there’s no point too.

  • Received an email that I might be matched to the research project I applied for woohoo! Except that it’s related to renal… I’m try to think of it as a way of making me stronger at my weaker topic.
  • Going to Indo for electives!! (did I already say this before?)
  • I have an extremely easy-going mentor at the surgery department. I don’t know if he is lenient but oh well, at least no torture.
  • I always get asked questions by seniors/HOs shortly after I’m taught the content so being able to answer them makes me feel a bit better about myself.
  • I did ok for Fam med posting. I’m at the top of the curve again and in the middle of my cg, which isn’t a bad thing. Not the best, but it’s ok.

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