For communication skills. It’s kinda strange how I already had an ominous feeling that I will have to do this after the exam that day. I was just booking an appointment to collect my passport just now, and I was thinking of booking it on the day of the remedial (before I got the news). Then I decided not to risk it and so booked another day instead. It’s even stranger how I used to do really decently well during the practices (which also went downhill along the way). I knew it was coming. I knew that whenever I’m doing well for something, the next way it’ll go is down. I guess the strangest is that… I used to think I have relatively good communication skills. I thought I could speak well to people. People seemed to like me. Tutors grade me quite well whenever there’s a box for “student communicates well to patient/patient’s family”. Maybe it’s those courtesy marks, which are given to make up for the lack of marks in the other more academic components. 😦

Oh yes I can come up with ways to console myself about this.

  1. It’s really just 1.5 hours of remedial.
  2. I have to meet up to do the FM video (don’t get me started on this) anyway, so I’ll have to leave the house too. But actually I think we’re meeting outside school that day so… this point isn’t helping. 😦
  3. I’m not in this alone! There’re 9 of us in total… so that makes up about 1/6 of the batch?
  4. I might make new friends.
  5. I didn’t fail. Or at least the email did not mention that I failed and need to retake the test.
  6. One day I’m going to look back and think that all this negativity is redundant.
  7. This is not the first time I have to go for remedial for something. Hmm there was bio back in secondary school, and probably a large handful of subjects in JC. The latter part was more of me looking for teachers for consultations. I had such good help-seeking behaviour!! So. Just don’t shove me into improving something I don’t believe in.
  8. I have a friend there too.

Ok I’m kind of over it already.


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