Beep beep boop


I knew I always had oddly shaped legs. I don’t know but I have the impression that I had a pair of the shoes in white instead. Anyway, I like this photo. 🙂 I like photos with 3 of us together.

So this is kinda my free week – from Monday to Thursday! Cos my GP is away. I paid my dues by arranging the make-up sessions already. Feeling really sluggish at home now and it’s not like I was very productive from Friday till now. I need to stop treating it like a recess week. I have to try to finish the acute symptoms asap!!! Hopefully review the chronic conditions and rehab notes too. Ok that’s really alot. As a friend once said, we have to set an agenda or we’ll never get anything done. Ok so the plan for today is to finish the half of the acute symptoms (there are 20), make notes/refer textbook etc. Tomorrow I’ll finish the next 10, then the day after I’ll review chronic conditions. Ok go go go Steph!



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