So after 2 years of the pass/fail system, I’m back to facing numbers and letters and the fear of it all. Yep, the results of the first posting are out. It’s a funny feeling. That getting a B still puts you at the bottom half of the cohort. Hmm, that is if my interpretation of the grading system is correct. I’m assuming the scores required for the grades are the same as those in secondary and JC days. 

I can’t help but think of how I fared compared to other people. Sigh. It’s a B! But it’s at the bottom half! I don’t know why it gets me down so much. Maybe cos I was hoping to be at least above average. Just that slightest bit. For the immense amount of effort I put in. 😦 I was hoping for a B though. And I was afraid of getting a lower score than that. Oh well. I know I did somewhat hit my expectations in terms of absolute score, just that when the relativity comes in… you know. 


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