Wow it’s been so long since I sat down and posted from the computer. I didn’t even know when the blogging interface changed… oh well. 

Anyway, what do you know – I completed my first M3 posting!! FYI, paeds. I remember being overwhelmed by it at the beginning because there was so much to know and so much I don’t know. Hmm I guess there are still alot that I don’t know about paediatrics, but at least, I can say I know the bare bare bare basics?

I remember my first mini-cex being so disappointing… I swore to myself I must buck up and do better for the next one. And I did! Well, not spectacular, but it was safe to say I didn’t have much regrets about the second one and I truly learnt to refined my history taking skills. Small things, but I learnt that they can still be important and relevant. Case analysis was also quite bad for the first one… I was quite desperate for a case hahaha and the ward was so small. Second one felt better but I’m not sure if the marks were better. Then there came EOPT. If what the prof said was really the average then I did above average? Hehehe hard work paid off :’) and I didn’t rely that much on senior’s notes this time round. I actually (sort of) finished a textbook. :’) 

I’m just happy that I triumphed over something I felt nearly impossible to overcome. Hmm the final results of the entire posting isn’t out yet… and I guess it won’t be easily to be on the right side of the curve. But at least it’s safe to say I tried my best. 


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