Day 3: Favourite Book

Ahhh this “favourite” series of the challenge gotta end soon! It’s so hard to choose. I’ve been reading a lot lately to pass time since I haven’t been up to anything much this holiday. Reading isn’t my hobby but it’s slowly developing into a habit I suppose. Hopefully I can do the same for newspapers hahaha. Flipping through the headlines and stopping for celebrity interviews and comics is… not very impressive. It’s really hard to choose a book that I like the most because after a few more books maybe another one will top the list. So at the moment, my favourite book would be…

Book Cover Final three

Hyperbole And A Half by Allie Broosh!


If you find the cover familiar, it’s because her comic was also popularized by memes!

On the surface, the bright colours and intentional immature-looking comics make the book look like a child’s picture book. But I guess it’s an adult book because she uses the f word? But it’s so funny and cute it tickles the child in you. I really can’t make up my mind, but it doesn’t matter. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from the start to the end. Even the acknowledgement page at the start because I wasn’t expecting the f word there. Surprising but amusing.

This book is made up of short stories about Allie’s childhood, her dogs, depression, identity crisis and so on. I like short stories because they make everything much easier to read in my opinion hahaha. Short stories are much easier to follow and you don’t have to worry much about forgetting some parts the moment you put the book down. In any case, I hardly put the book down, and I didn’t forget anything I think.

Other than the fact that her stories were funny by themselves, the comics really helped bring the message across and multiplied the hilarity at least 2 folds. Sometimes it felt like words were there as fillers to help the book flow, rather than the other way around which is usually the case in picture books.

As the title suggests, the stories may have been told in a slightly exaggerated manner but that’s what makes the book special. How else do you describe a dog’s insecurity in a change in environment, how you ate weird things when you were a child, or how you get all sugar-high as a kid? The way the stories were told made my brain juices flow, and twinkle. I just could not stop reading haha.

The book is generally light-hearted but I felt a little reflective after reading it. I loved the parts where she wrote to her younger self for the weird acts. I reminisced the times when I ate prickly heat powder when I was a kid. I don’t know why hahaha. Maybe because it looked so fine and white and soft? Or just because? I guess it was the same when it came to putting tissue paper in my mouth. I laughed, at her story first, then at my own. Another memorable part of the book was her experience with depression. It was like a peep hole into an exhibition at the science/discovery channel? Because both will trigger the “ohhhh so that’s how it works” reaction.



My favourite part would be at the end where she talked about her identity and how it conflicts with what is expected of normal human beings in reality. I could relate to her when it came to doing good things for others. Like how ultimately she felt that she does good stuff because it makes her feel good about herself, and even having the thought of doing a good thing someday seemed to imply she’s a genuinely kind person. In short, how she’ll be selfless by being selfish first. Thought provoking because I never thought much about it.


Ok I’m going to end abruptly because I don’t know how to do it smoothly. For more musings, visit Allie’s blog at! Credits to her for the pictures here too.


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