Day 1: Favourite Song

Michelle Branch’s Goodbye To You

I think the hardest part of writing this post is not choosing the song itself; it’s trying to justify why. Maybe I’ll just ramble and see how the rest of the post goes.

This isn’t the first song that got me hooked to music. This isn’t a song that reflects my love life now or any point in the past. In fact, sometimes I wish I have something really sad in real life so that this song can fit right in.

I like this song for the music itself. Guitars, drums, vocals. There’s no autotune or additional electrical sounds. I don’t know if there’s a term for it, but you know the way disco music sounds like? Yeah, I like the lack of that. I like how the song slowly builds its way up. It starts out simple, just vocals and guitar. Then slowly the drums kick in and introduce a beat to bop to as you listen. Everything flows, everything is pleasing to the ear.

The lyrics are also really fun to sing to even though I never exactly experienced feelings like that. Maybe once in a while when you get over a crush (which really seemed like the biggest thing in the world at that point in time). “You were the one I loved, the one thing that I tried to hold on to”. That feels awesome to sing to while you were emotionally charged at 12? or 13, 14, etc, even until now, at 21. I think the song will live through the ages with me.

Even if my circumstances does not involve saying goodbye to someone I love, somehow I feel as if I can connect to the song in other parts. “I’ve been searching deep down in my soul, words that I’m hearing are starting to get old” reminds me of the self-reflection and melancholy I get sometimes. “Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away” reminds me of being in love; and just imagine someone singing this line to you haha.

It’s a song that accompanied me as I grew up, physically and emotionally. Even if there’re other love songs, with better vocals or lyrics, I don’t think I’ll be able to replace this one in my heart. It’s just like how someone would clutch their tattered old pillow instead of a new fluffy one.

Ok, so that is an extremely brief analysis to why I like this song the most out of the 1000+ songs in my music library. There’re many other songs by Michelle Branch that are endearing too. Fun fact: She wrote the song when she was 15 (I think). She probably didn’t have such a tumultuous experience too haha.


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