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Today was quite a good day, even if it’s not all adventure. And it has nothing to do with the photo above. I just wanted to post a photo everytime I wrote something here. FYI, that was the Changi chalet where my friend held her 21st birthday party.

Anyway, today. Peeled and chopped garlic till my hands burned for a start. I think it was the garlic juice that did all the burning but thankfully it didn’t last long. Googled a bit and found out that garlic juice is actually alkaline and that some people put garlic cloves (not sure whether they were cut) into their vagina to treat thrush! So yeah, they’ll have that burning sensation in their vagina. Talk about unorthodox. Caught up with a few episodes of House MD and it’s pretty cool that you can actually use maggots for severe burn wounds – for them to eat the dead flesh away. Pretty cool stuff. I wonder if anyone in Singapore ever tried that. Caught another episode of Where Are You Going Dad? and it was oozing with cuteness and happiness. I like the show, it feels pretty real. 🙂

I finally managed to drag my eldest brother out for some exercise, badminton to be specific. It’s kind of like cooing a young child to do something that’s good for him. Encouraging exercise for an excessively chubby young adult is hard. No walking/running – that I agree because it feels really pointless. So badminton it was! Hmm it was satisfying watching him sweat it out. My second brother joined us halfway. It felt just like when we were kids. It’s been a long time since the 3 of us played together, and it feels right.

I also managed to drive my mum around to run some errands hahahaha accomplishment much (for me). I feel more confident about driving now, even though it’s only the second time I drove after obtaining my license. 6 points is not without reason! I’m such a brag now. Hmm next time I should try to park the car. Already a marked improvement of not mounting/striking the curb in the MSCP. And probably drive faster hahaha. Realised I drove at 40km/h yesterday when I first started haha thankfully the roads were pretty empty. I hope this set of skill stays with me, like cycling or swimming.

Earned a $5 NTUC voucher from doing a survey too. Ahh the day went smooth. Now there’s still one more thing to fix – the mighty screwed up body clock. Sleeping at 2am+ and waking up at 10am… doesn’t feel right. I think I’m reaching the point in life where I find sleeping at 11pm+ and waking at 7/8am is the right way to go.

Ok that’s all the rambling for today.


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