A world alone


I dabbled with some oil pastels for a friend’s birthday card and there you go. It looks quite decent in my opinion. 🙂

I think this holiday ended up not so much with traveling and exploration. Ended up with trying to incorporate good habits in my life. Stuff that I always thought I should be doing but never did/kept up with due to laziness. Small things like exercising (though still quite inconsistent because I’m still trying to find joy in running/other options), applying lotion at least once a week and applying toner after every face wash. Also things like reading, especially books. I thought that I should read things that I never read of and had no idea about, instead of relying on wiki for the plot, so I started with The Secret Garden this week. It’s not that enjoyable to me but I think it’s because I’m not that into classics. But I prefer this to Eleanor and Park though. I like the characters better. Moving on to The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones. I think there’re quite a few books in this series. Hopefully I’ll enjoy this read! Can’t help but compare this to Hunger Games though… and so far, I still like the latter better. But ok, I’m still giving The Mortal Instruments a shot first. I have a few more books I hope to clear before school starts. Another thing I’ve been doing more often is writing, like now. Ok, it’s not proper writing. It feels more like a conversation with no one/the most ideal soulmate ever. Doubt this helps in my language skills hahaha but I enjoy it so it’s fine. 

About 1 month of holidays left! Starting to feel that it’s awfully short and I still had hopes of reading up the syllabus/revising old material before school starts. Trepidation and excitement ensues. Somehow, I feel that my lack of interaction with people this holiday will interfere with interactions when school starts. Just… don’t feel like being in contact. Ok not entirely true. I do feel like talking about stuff with some people. Stuff like the new music I’ve been listening to, books I read, shows I watched. But I’m extremely available to people who are not. So… it’s been a while since I felt lonely in the mass of living souls. Souls out of the country. I’m quite thankful for those who still whatsapp me despite the distance though, even it’s just the same few people. I need to be more accepting of the fact that I might just die alone one day. Yeah I don’t have enough motivation to change my ways, not even fear. Secretly hoping that I’ll meet someone who enjoys the company of music, books and shows like me… and who isn’t as excited about lots of stuff people of our age are excited about. 

Yeah it might just be me.


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