Sleeping sun


Welcome, May! Feels like a Saturday although it’s a Thursday. The weather finally feels more comfortable. Slept in today cos of cramps that radiated at least 10cm from its actual source. Read up a bit more about them in the morning… and I should be eating more veg and doing more exercise. Apparently people who does that more will have less painful periods. At least the worst is over for now.

Becoming more and more like a hermit. Finished the first season of House MD yesterday and I still don’t have the urge to go out to play. What do I do out there anyway? I feel like visiting Botanic Gardens one day though. Just to soak in a bit of nature and feel like I’m actually an outgoing person hah. In other news, my hair has been strangely tame this holidays. I guess it’s the side effect of sleeping for forever and basically not moving.

Sigh I need to find my zest in life. đŸ˜¦


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