Let’s make this a habit during this holidays. Just to talk about things that happen, even if I have nothing interesting to share. And I think it will be harder to find photos to accompany the posts actually. 

I aim to lose 2kg this holidays to go back to my tiptop shape before ‘A’s hit and destroyed my health. Ok I exaggerate. But I was much fitter and felt better about my body back then. But it’s been raining so I have only ran once this holidays. I guess it was approximately a 4km run. It’s kinda good that I don’t feel much muscle ache I suppose. The worst part of running is just the breathlessness. Hmm, stamina in other words. Felt quite healthy after the run hahaha. Must be psychological. Anyway, I really want to lose this extra bulge before year 3. Not that I really have anyone to attract… especially since I’m starting with Paeds first. Ok no. 

The weather has been horrible lately. Temperatures soar in the 30s. Running the other time gave me a very very bad rash sigh. Not to forget the humidity and stillness of the air. 

I have been watching A LOT of shows this holiday. For TV series, there’s House MD, Game of Thrones, Where Are We Going, Daddy? (Korean version), Daddy Good Deeds. For films, there’s Frozen (ya I caught up but I wasn’t that impressed), The Other Woman, Pitch Perfect (again haha), The Breakfast Club, How To Train A Dragon. Hopefully I do gain something out of all these shows haha. 


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