I feel so detached from this place since I haven’t written anything for such a long time. It feels good to be typing away again. I’m back to my comfort zone. 🙂 So I shall do a short update about my life first. 

Holidays started!! And I have been rotting away and indulging myself excessively with shows and food. Not so much the good shows or good food. Just shows and food around the house. Which I indulge in in amounts that exceed my needs. :/ And job hunt didn’t go so well because I am picky even though I only intend to work for a month. So this holiday is going to be about… the same as previous ones. Kinda figured I wouldn’t die without an overseas trip this time because that just means a week or so NOT doing the things I’m already doing. I guess I’m really a short-sighted person. No plans, no urge to see the world (which I believe only comes by during exam periods), no nothing. Also did not take up any research and felt slightly ashamed when a friend told me about his. But hey, he’s the only friend I know who’s doing that. So… yeah doesn’t make me any better. 

Made a trip down to Gardens By The Bay to check out the tulips exhibition! Proof as shown above. It was beautiful. I’m glad I went. It’s also the first time I’ve been there too so it was quite an eye opener. And MBS is really really atas. The floor of the mall(?) nearby was polished so well I’m starting to suspect it’s because everything is expensive there that no one really walked within that area. But no, there are people, of course. People outside the shops, walking by… doing their own thing. 

I also sort of took up photography and posted photos online! On a website that none of my friends really use. Insta’s more convenient to connect to people I suppose. But I hate having to crop my photos (taken in that particular manner, in a rectangle, with that “feel”) to a square. Here’s the link: I also borrowed some books which I haven’t started on at all. Sigh, ok, soon I will. 

That’s about all to my life so far.

Maybe another post another day for another thought. 🙂


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