Hello there! Posting from the new phone this time and it feels not too bad! 🙂 And here’s a photo as promised. It’s also taken with the new phone (Xperia Z1)! I’m marveling at its detail hahaha. 

So M2 has ended on Thursday and I’m just waiting for the results to be out to put my heart at complete ease. Hopefully all goes well. Shall not go into too much detail as to how the last exam went. Let’s just say it was the fastest 1 hour in my life. 

I’m currently looking for a job which only requires 1 month’s commitment, but that is proving to be quite tough, especially since I’m lazy and I want to find a job that pays me as much as my previous holiday job. Sigh. Not going overseas this holiday but I’m quite fine with that. Many people say we should enjoy ourselves as much as we can this holiday because M3 is gonna be hectic with little time for play. But seriously I feel like I barely played in M2 already. Just hoping that I put this holiday to some good use! 

In other news, I have nothing much to update. I somewhat want to shut off all social media and go into seclusion(?) again. 

Watched a season of Game of Thrones and yes there’s lotsa nudity and killing but it’s interesting!! Ok while I brood over the meaning of my being, that show shall be my time killer. 


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