ImageSydney 2013.

Thought it’ll be nice to upload a photo everytime I post. Hahaha I shall try to make that happen. Since I’ve been home this weekend, there isn’t any new photos so I’ll have to make do with older photos.

Tomorrow marks the start of clinical years. Hmm technically clinicals start in year 3; any form of “clinicals” in the first 2 years are meant to prepare you for the real thing. The following 3 weeks+ are to train us in history taking and perform physical examinations, which I’m honestly not proficient at for now, at all. Sigh I hope I’ll be good enough by the assessment. Thankfully seniors said this period is more of just performing the tasks and not so much coming up with differential diagnoses, treatments etc. So less thinking and more doing. It’s just good to know why you perform each step in the PEs. But I guess it’ll be easier to remember the steps if you know what you’re looking for, right? Ok I just hope I don’t get scolded on the first day. Other smaller considerations about clinicals are… what do I wear? Hahaha. Can’t help feeling lazy after pros.

Hmm let me go on a little while about an excessively discussed topic. So, I heard you have taken a liking to someone… I don’t know who she is. But I heard that you told a friend about it yourself. That friend told another friend, and she mentioned it over lunch with some other friends. I flinched. Hopefully, I flinched on the inside. I felt my heart race suddenly and my toes going cold. Then after that I felt calmer, but very very curious. So I asked the friend who brought it up over lunch about it. That’s how I know how the news travelled to her. Then after that, it’s cool. Which is good hahahaha.


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