I can be a good doctor

Today is bad so that tomorrow can be better. 

Today is really a bad day. 😦 Unproductivity at its peak. Mainly because I’m stuck (and suck) at studying microbiology and anti-microbials. I still don’t get what antibiotic to prescribe for what bacteria because there doesn’t seem to any principles for me to follow. Yeah I know there’s the “beta lactams are effective for gram positive bacteria” …then why do you prescribe this beta lactam (eg. ampicillin) over that beta lactam (eg. amoxicillin) for this particular microbe (eg. strep pneumoniae in URTI). Do I just memorise? Is there even anything to understand? 😦

Then I had this bad backache. Thanks hormones, thanks alot. So I spent alot of time twisting around so that I can find a comfortable position. Then by the time I manage to feel better, I’m lying down and I guess I felt tired moving around. So I slept. Sigh so goodbye to trying to memorise shitty microb. And I feel like I can’t move on from microb and do anti-microbials. I think it is just me. I guess I’ll do some ethics/medsoc to make myself feel better. Since it’s totally unrelated. Yet not urgent at the same time. 

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.


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