One on the night sky

Today is the first day of CNY! Had a hectic day yesterday despite being home all the time. Woke up at 9 but was hurried along to the kitchen and helped out all the way till 2. Did not even realise how time flew and how tired I got. Fast forward to night time, had an awesome steamboat dinner! Then hopped over the Woodlands Waterfront to watch the fireworks at JB. So pretty! It’s a skyline lit up by the lights of buildings and moving cars, littered by exploding coloured atoms in the sky. Really, really quite a sight to take in. I hereby declare my love for fireworks. I realised I never really loved them in the past because I’m usually in a crowd and busy filming the fireworks show, and somehow end up looking at them through the screen instead. This time I still filmed for a bit, but mostly spent time taking the sight in. Plus it was so windy and it wasn’t that crowded! I realised, sometimes, you don’t have to be up close to enjoy the fireworks. Because before you know it, at some other corner of your eye, another fireworks show is beginning too, and you won’t be able to catch it as well if you’re too close to another. If you stand some distance away from the crowd (like I did yesterday), you see all. Guess it works in all aspects of life. Couldn’t stay all the way till the fireworks end, cos we had to head home to bai bai. Anyway, caught the Orion Belt too. A sky lit up by fireworks, without outshining the stars. 🙂 Talked to a friend till about 2+ am? It was nice. We all set our CNY resolutions hahaha. We’ll work towards it! For me, the one resolution that I look forward to fulfilling is… I wish that one day, I won’t be feeling sad over you, or what we could have been. Instead, I’ll truly be happy when you find your happiness and sincerely wish you all the best. That’s counted as one wish right? Probably gonna use one of my birthday wishes on this haha. 


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