I suck

What if your problem stems from not being able to tell your problem to someone else? Maybe I over-complicate things but the truth is… I screwed up. I betrayed someone’s trust in me and… it hurts that person and hurts me too. I never thought I’ll be someone who’ll be the first to cause damage in a relationship/friendship. But it happened. Newton’s Third Law of Motion: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body. That is how pain works too. 

I said too much, tried too hard, but it all came to nought. What have you done.

Now, I wish I have someone to talk to but people either drifted away or I’ve pushed them away. Some, I just can’t blabber like this. Therefore, what I have left are a blank screen and keys but no one to share these thoughts with. What have you done.


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