Hello there, it’s been a while. I almost felt like writing is going to phase out of my life. I’m actually out of things to write about although I haven’t been posting for so long. I usually like to think that not writing for a while and doing some other stuff in life would provide me with more stuff to talk about the next time… but it never really worked that way haha. Anyway, guess it’ll be nice to share or point out some new articles I read recently. 🙂 Some articles I wouldn’t mind rereading some time later, so yeah for my own reference too.

I feel you, totally. We can be friends and have a cup of tea and talk about this for an afternoon. Thanks for putting my messed up feelings for the longest time into proper, structured sentences.

Just a cool website I hope to contribute to one day. 🙂 I have soooo many posts I’ll gladly have one up on the website too. Wait no, I’ll write a new entry for this. Really nice to read all those entries.

Another article which put my thoughts into words when I really couldn’t. It’s also something I thought about a lot and for a long time, and wondered if anyone else did so too. Ok I thought about the whole “sometimes we love the idea of the person instead of the person himself” thing since I was 17… I don’t know if that’s an early realization but I was so glad I realised that and some of my friends hadn’t (made me feel mature haha).

Just felt that this was an amusing post and kinda like how I’ll want to spend my time with someone special. Basically I just like how the writer talked about how comfortable you can be with that person.

Haven’t gotten to making resolutions. Should I just change the 2013 heading to 2014 and stick to the same resolutions? Hahaha I guess this is living proof that my life has been a standstill. Oh this just triggered a few sparks in my mind.

I used to wonder why my dad was so uncomfortable with the idea of death. I used to think that if you live your life such that you finish doing what you want to do then… moving on from life to death might not be such a scary transition afterall. Recently, I kept thinking about me turning 21 in less than a month’s time. I have never imagined my life beyond 21. I still remember telling a friend when I was in Sec 4 that “I think I’m going to die after 21 because I can’t imagine life after that”. Which is still pretty damn true other than the fact that I somewhat know what’s going to happen in school after I turn 21. I find turning 21 daunting. I haven’t done much in my life. If I live to 80, I’m about 25% done with my life. I liken myself to a battery, so there’s about 75% left at best. And we all know sometimes the battery life drops exponentially towards the end. I think, that’s why death can be uncomfortable to think about.

Hmm, about time I start doing stuff I like/feel like doing.


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