Waiting for the end

So I thought I should add a conclusive statement to all that hoo-ha in my love life (really, did it ever exist?). I’ve decided to move on and yes I’ve pushed forward the deadline I gave myself to come up with a decision. Some people told me to not rush things through. That’s not the reason why I decided to move on. I did not come to this decision in a rush… it’s been more than a year? Call me needy but I can’t deal with someone who comes and goes as and when he likes. Don’t make me develop a reliance on you and not be there to provide the support. Maybe I am needy. Or maybe I’m not so fun and spontaneous like other people. Maybe I have difficulty expressing my feelings/showing that I did care more than a friend. But maybe that’s the whole package. Then again, maybe all those mixed signals I got from you… I did not interpret them right. Whatever the case, it’s about time to move on. And yeah, stick by it, I know. So a statement became a paragraph. No more talking about this shit. Readers can come talk to me personally/via text though haha. It’s ok to keep you in the loop.

Last night, I don’t know what got over me to tell another friend about the whole thing. So the conversation went past 2am? I feel kinda bad depriving him of sleep but actually I think he’ll be happy to gain more gossip anyway. It’s interesting how guys’ and girls’ POVs can conflict in things like this. I realised somehow the person I’m talking to will just defend their own gender. Anyway, so 1 more person knows about it sigh.

Loving this song! Maybe it’s because I can relate to it right now.


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