I don’t know why I’m so sulky recently and I hate it. I’m surprised that my family hasn’t flared up yet though. It’s as if I have a problem and they probe and I don’t say… so shouldn’t that frustrate them? Apparently not. Thankfully. 

Let me try to list out why I’m in such a bad mood and what I should do from there.

Why my mood sucks:

  1. Work is piling up but I’m not interested in clearing it and it stresses me out.
  2. My mum keeps bugging me to do her website for her and yes I’m not interested but I cannot not do it just because, it’s family. Talking to me 80% of the time about the website is just killing me.
  3. I feel so underappreciated around… despite doing stuff which I already dislike but was asked to do.
  4. Issues about someone is always, permanently, floating in the back of my mind and I’m dying to talk to him about it, but I just can’t. 
  5. I feel helpless letting problems surmount me.

What I should do:

  1. Do my work – print notes, read notes and textbook, stop whining, stop procrastinating, stop listening to happy songs when it is obviously not cheering you up.
  2. Do the website? Can I not, please. Pray that my mum stop bugging me.
  3. Suck it up, move on. It’s not the first time in 20 years.
  4. Keep yourself occupied so that the thoughts would somehow settle at the back of your mind like a suspension. Then, ONE DAY, talk about it.
  5. Just STOP.

So they say when you can’t change your problems, you should change your attitude. Hmm I don’t think I really changed my attitude but right, I’m still going to do something and stop lamenting.


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