What you wanted

Hello again! It’s a cold Sunday morning and I’m loving it! Procrastinating a little before dragging myself to read stuff for school. Yes exams are over, but what do you know, life goes on. The end of an exam just marks the start of another.

I realised half of the window in my room faces the opposite block, while the other half faces other blocks further away. Well, it’s quiet… but if only the buildings aren’t so tall. I wonder what the best view would be like to me. The sea? Meadow? Grassland? Mountains? I might end up hoping that the mountains aren’t so tall. I guess the sea seems the best because it can be scenic yet not static.

Been trying to find a good book to read. I like those that I can resonate with more than the fantasy sort. Tried to read The Hobbit (and the Hobbit 2 is coming out in December!). Hmm, I only finished 1 chapter but I hope the exciting parts come soon! I feel like I do resemble Baggins in some ways. In the way that sometimes we crave adventure but most of the time, we’re glad to be stay conservative and live the life that has been pretty much set in stone for years. 

At a loss of words now and I shall leave it as it is then.



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