Rebel beat

Hello there. Exams are over! -throws confetti and swirl around- But no, that’s not the point of the post.

Today is the day I feel disengaged from the community again. Technically, I’ve been disengaged from the community all the while during exam period too. Just felt like studying with friends is not going to help things enter my brain any better… so I didn’t. Exams turned out kinda like a rollercoaster ride but oh well it’s ok so I shall not dwell upon it.

It’s post-exam period. So many people have so many activities going on. Somehow I just don’t feel like joining. Movies, eating etc. I’m just not in the mood to sit in a quaint cafe right now. To be honest I’m a little stingy about quaint cafes cos they never fill me up. Maybe they aren’t meant to but, I don’t have the spare cash so sorry. I would if I could, but I can’t so I shan’t. Movies are fine. I’m just not into the recent films. They aren’t the ones I really want to watch. People are great and fine but I just don’t feel like spending time with you all. You can call it antisocial behaviour because I think it is? Spent so much time by myself during study week already and still don’t want to mingle with people now.

But if I think long and hard about it, I spent time by myself ON books. Which is just.. you know. Right now, I just want to hole up and spend time with a good book/magazine. Talk about the world as I know it, which I realised I’ve never really done in university because everyone’s world is moving so fast there’s no point talking about the whole thing. Or maybe it just isn’t something… conversational. I don’t really want to spend time to see/try something new right now because I haven’t gotten enough of myself hahaha. That sounded really obnoxious and narcissistic. Apologies but hold on while I’m done with spending a little “me” time.


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