Pillow talk

I need a good article that resonates my thoughts, a cup of tea to soothe my soul and a hug to make me feel loved for who I am.

Ok so I’m lying in the dark typing this although I feel super drained because I need to get these words and thoughts out of my head. So the thing is… I think I’m going through some identity crisis now. I actually talked to myself just now to try to justify my views on stuff. Which are different from others. I think it’s kind of weird how sometimes we say being different is good, but we end up still being so uncomfortable with standing out. Guilty as charged, sigh.

Was talking to a friend just now, and I totally feel her. When you put yourself out there for someone, and you dont get what you hope for… and feel like crap. And then you don’t want to do anything of that sort for the person anymore. Maybe it’s our pride. We never know if we’re too prideful. But it’s a good shield.


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