Thin line

Hello hello!

Decided not to go to school tmr since lectures are only going to be 3 hours long (and I predict it’ll be shorter than that) from 10 to 1. And I have driving lessons in the afternoon and I don’t want to travel so much. PS I live closer to Malaysia than to school so… going to school takes a lot of effort, especially in the mornings and even more so because it’s me. Furthermore, friends decided it’s hoodie day tmr and being hoodie-less, I don’t want to stick out like that. Very superficial of me haha but it’s nice to have more justification for staying home tmr. Convinced my mum that by having that bit more sleep is going to make my day more productive haha. She pointed out that I seemed happier compared to the usual Sundays, which I hadn’t noticed till she said so and it’s true!

Ok so I had a pretty rough day yesterday… felt very, very lousy spiritually/mentally. Brightened up a little with a quick chat with a friend 🙂 then crashed back into the depths of moodiness again. Sigh. Did some notes and went for a walk with the bro (6.8km!) in hopes of helping him lose weight. Today was better. Started the morning by making omelettes for the family, had tea (most therapeutic drink ever) and then pretty much busied myself by making notes/preparing school stuff. Well, there’s still a lot to do. Hopefully tmr will be productive too. Went out for dinner just now. It was ok. The food was ok. Just felt that I should have shown more appreciation towards people. Afterall, that’s what I always hope from people right?


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