Hello! This is going to be a somewhat good post. πŸ™‚ I finished making 2 sets of notes today! πŸ˜€ It’s good in so many reasons it’s actually hard to decide where to start haha. Anyway, it’s good because making your own notes always triumphs using other people’s notes (I need to get over feeling that my own notes are inferior to others). Used some senior’s notes as a guide, as to what stuff are more important, and read the textbook… Omg can’t believe I really forced myself to read it man. And then realise that what the lecturer teaches is always the tip of the iceberg. Maybe they want to sink us to swim. Ok I should read the notes tmr, and the immunology textbook. :O M2 is really no joke, judging from the first week. We had pathology, immunology and info literacy lectures already. Info lit is just… I don’t know, I try to get it but it’s not as common sense as it seems? Anyway, another reason why I felt so happy is, it’s my first time being so productive in med school. It’s surreal.

Ok, I said it’s a semi-happy post. I don’t know why I kept thinking about the friend I had and lost. Like whenever I take a break, I start thinking about it. It’s a thought that kind of comes and goes. And it’s so strange that we see each other everyday but don’t feel as comfortable with each other’s presence somehow. We used to be able to say anything, and not fear the other person judging us. Maybe that’s just how I felt, but anyhow, it’s gone now. It’s not just my imagination this time. I may not be good at interpreting messages in social life, but I still can tell when things are different. I feel like I can’t even warmly say hi anymore. 😦 It’s easy to say, warm up to the person again, be friends again. But it’s difficult. Where do I even start? If a conversation ever starts again, I’ll never let it end. And I pray that you won’t.


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