Phasing out

Time check, 12:19am. I can’t sleep. 😦 Not sure if it’s because there is school tomorrow or because I haven’t adjust my biological clock back or it’s just insomnia. Well, I’ve been yawning and being very awake actually.

I know I need to get over myself and stop whining and complaining about school, been doing that for the past few posts and it’s getting sickening. Just not ready to face the real world again. The tiring journey where at some point in time you ask yourself if you’re ever going to make it to the next holiday/to the end.

Schooling is more than the books. Honestly… don’t feel like going back to see anyone. I can imagine myself having conversations and not remembering any, and laughing them off. Then feel sad cos they weren’t that funny sometimes and I just needed the laughter to fill up the lack of words from my mouth. Sigh, maybe it’s a phase. It’ll pass.

But in any case, I can control how my day goes. Aim of the day: not to feel sorry for myself.

I hope my next post will be a good one. 🙂


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