Stick out like a proud thumb

Ok I think I kinda cooped myself up these days and was very distant from my social circle. Not that I feel sad or anything (I love spending time by myself… ), just a little curious about what they are up to, but can find no words to start a conversation.

In fact, I somewhat know what they are up to thanks to to social media. But a picture of smiling people really just tells me they had a good time. An invite to an activity, similarly, only tells me the activity they did. It’s just not the same as people actually telling you, “oh I went to cycle and I saw lots of people cross dressing”.

It’s a poignant reminder of how social media connects us but still leaves us disconnected. And similarly, in terms of relationships, how I’m connected to people but still remain very disconnected to them. Then again, if I really wanted to connect, I would have right.

School is starting in a few days time. Just a weekend away!

Reaching a level where I really can’t be bothered about what people (I have specific people in mind) think of me. Comfort above all. Almost all, anyway. I think I should always remember to embrace individuality and not push it away. I actually think this kind of nonchalance is a gift. 🙂


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