Castle of glass

Hello again, I’m writing more often these days. I think it’s because school will be starting soon and this is just some sort of act of escapism.

I’m spending more time on HelloGiggles. It’s an interesting website with many essays about beauty/tv shows/books/opinions etc. I like some of the articles. Can’t believe I didn’t spend as much time on it although I liked the Facebook page a long time ago. Some of the articles remind me of those I read and liked on You, Me and Charlie before it underwent a revamp and became a full-time artsy website. 🙂

Anyway, I realised I didn’t update my sleeping habits/achievements(?). Hmm so yesterday I woke up at 0830! Felt so good that my day lasted so much longer. It’s like I have a lot more time to dawdle and not feel guilty! But, I slept later yesterday night reading The Fault In Our Stars… and woke up at 1030 today. Oh lookie it’s 1506 right now. Sigh. 

Speaking of reading, I just finished The Fault In Our Stars! 3rd book this holiday yay. Ok it didn’t make me that sad… which is kinda sad to think of, especially since I know of people who cried reading the book. 

I also realised I’m spending less time on social networking sites. Is it just me or are they losing their appeal? And I don’t even want to check my Whatsapp now. Like ok, if there’s some sort of gathering, I really would have appreciated it if it was held in the holiday, not when school start (and therefore somewhat lifeless but nevertheless busy young adult life). I think to a certain extent, I’m no longer that interested in what people are up to. Neither do I particularly like posting my own activities up for the world to see. Ultimately, I guess I just enjoy doing my own thing and not caring about the world. 

Stomach demands my attention right now, so I shall end here.


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