Joy ride

Oh oh I just read a few articles and I really like this one!

“Writing is such a vulnerable and personal thing to share because it is the only way people can ever get a glimpse into your mind and understand how it is that you process the world as you experience it.”

Agreed! Anyway, I also chanced upon a few other articles about keeping journals. Hahaha I haven’t thought of me writing all these entries as keeping a journal, although, quite obviously, they are. Always treated these writings as open letters, mostly to no particular recipient. Occasionally I think of it as updates to my readers (now just one that I know of), so that even without conversation, we stay connected somehow. 🙂

Some of the articles talked about keeping physical journals. Ahh such a tempting idea! Imagine when you uncover a stash of books containing your embarrassing and dramatic thoughts, elaborate and somewhat meaningful words of wisdom and of course milestones in life over the years. Putting pen to paper, for real. Intriguing. Then again, the thing with doing that, is that it doesn’t seem to work very well for people like me. People who don’t think thoroughly before writing sentences (I backspace and edit my sentences A LOT) and who likes to keep my thoughts private but still sometimes want to show them to someone for validation/counselling. Oh well, I guess I shall keep posting entries here after all. I hope WordPress won’t crash suddenly and banish my memories, thoughts, great words of wisdom into nothingness. 

But just to be safe, one day when I have spare cash, I’m gonna print my entries out. 🙂 And tadah, I have a physical journal too haha.


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