Tumble rumble bumble mumble

Hello there, it’s been a while since I posted. Hmm not writing with a purpose today. I shall start with some updates.

So recently, I passed my BTT (full marks yay), gotten a PDL and had 3 practical lessons for driving already! Waves pom-poms. πŸ˜€ Ok, so I managed to accomplish what I planned this holiday for driving (ie at least 2 lessons). Gonna have the 4th one next week. Then it’s the long weekend, school and therefore, the “I don’t know how to squeeze driving in my life” phase. 😦 Shall just plan along the way. Lessons get snapped up so quickly it’s depressing. I remember just missing a booking that newly appeared right after I refreshed the page. Oh well.

Anyway, I started driving on the main roads! Omg hahaha it was scary. I hope things will get better. At least, I’m glad to say, I have somewhat gotten a hang of left turns (not so much for right turns somehow -.-) in the circuit, hopefully no more mounting kerbs! Also getting more used to braking and changing lanes haha. I know it seems easy, but I guess I’m still not that used to it. I keep thinking that once I step a little on the pedal, the car will slow and stop.. it’s like you have to step all the way to stop the car right. Alright, hopefully as the rate of lessons drop, my standard won’t. Sigh.

I bought my books for the new sem already. I wrapped them up nicely, and left them aside… I really should start flipping them! I know of people who think it’s not right to start so soon, but whatever la. I need to start warming up my brain! Plus the FTT stuff is going to occupy some space in my brain too. D: Note: driving is NOT common sense to me. I didn’t even know you had to depress the brake pedal before starting the engine… Karts at funfairs/games don’t teach you beyond the ABXY up down left right keys. Anyway, I suppose a little panic now would do me good! I have to admit though, I think people who start studying before mid July are kinda… over-preparing. Nvm, to each of their own and I’m not in the position to say what’s right or wrong too, right?

Here are a few songs which I thought were noteworthy. πŸ™‚ The Macklemore song has really good lyrics! Usually not someone who listens to rap, but the lyrics were very meaningful! Ok, enjoy.


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