Ode to joy

I spent the past few days doing things on my to-do list, finally striking off a good number of items. On Sunday, I went to Woodlands Waterfront with my mother and brother. Hmm initially I planned to go on a solo trip and was thinking of that place as a destination. I’m glad I didn’t go alone in the end. It was sweltering hot so having my mum drive us there was a lifesaver. Anyway, that place wasn’t as wonderful as I imagined it to be. Such a disappointment. Well, I did look up the place on the Internet and saw a few pictures that people took a few years ago. It looked bare with all the short trees. In fact, it still looks bare! I think I’ll go back in maybe 20 years time. At least now I know trees don’t grow that fast. To be honest, that park was really small too. It would be way better if there was a greater variety of plants. I don’t mean exotic plants that they display at Gardens by the Bay (which I still haven’t been to), just plants that flower. More colours would be nice. Saw Malaysia across the sea too. But I was honestly looking forward to a more nature-ish trip. 😦

Took my BTT yesterday (Monday)! 50/50 yeah~ I think I spent about 10 minutes on the test itself. I made a booking for 2pm, took my queue number for PDL at 2:12pm. And waited all the way till about 3:30pm to finally get my PDL. Sadly, my first practical lesson is gonna be sometime in September. Hoping that there’ll be slots freed up before school starts. Waiting for timetable to be out so that I can book/cancel lessons accordingly. Sigh.

Today, I went to school to meet my counsellee to pass her stuff for M1. It’s really fun to talk to a RVian again. 🙂 Felt happy recollecting my own memories. RV days feel so far away now, it’s been 2 years, going on 3 since I left. I still remember the theme for our graduation – qi3 hang2. Thinking about that, my boat has been sailing pretty smoothly overall so far. Sometimes, I wonder how life would be if my boat hasn’t been sailing in this direction. What if I am studying to be an accountant/chem engineer right now? What if I never met the people I met here? Oh well.

Went to the driving school again to book more lessons. Felt super tired by the time I reached home.

Sigh holidays are ending. Feeling so reluctant to go back to school. M2 actually seems like a short academic year. I think I’ll be sad when we move on to year 3 and everyone goes their separate ways. I wonder if there’ll be gatherings, I wonder who will go, if I will go. I’m getting scared of growing up and embracing independence again. 😦 Maybe I shouldn’t think so far ahead.


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