Build me up buttercup

Hahaha this is really comforting. Yeah yeah I passed but I still feel like I’m not that strong in my foundations. So yup, this restores a bit of confidence. 🙂

Decided to list the things that occupy my mind.

Email that I’m promoted to M2 is here! What to wear. I wish I have more clothes. I wish I have the money to buy more clothes. Lazy to work. Food food food. But I need to run. Must stop procrastinating. About time to do an ‘intro to M1 life” email for my counsellee. Kong bak pau minus the exercise I’ll need to do to burn it off would be heaven. I think I should invest in plain clothes. Plain clothes are easy to match. I’m in love with denim now. I want a thin denim jackettttt. White clothes are awesome. But easily stained. 1 more month to the end of the holidays and start of M2. M2! Caught in between medschoolnoobster and m1thinksyouarenotanoob. Hope I can survive M2. Need to make some time for reading. But only 1 month of holidays left! Sian. M2 means I’m going to turn 21 soon. 21. 21. 21. Official adulthood. Sianzzz.

A penny for my thoughts… pays pretty well I must say.


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