Counting stars

Yay I finished another basic theory lesson! Still don’t like the vibe of it but… it’s a life skill oh well. 2 more lessons! Then I’ll probably schedule some trial test before the actual test too. Taking it really slowly now haha. Hopefully all goes well. πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, picked up my contact lens already! Hmm I’m glad I didnt take as long as I imagined. ~40min? Ok, I don’t like wearing them hahaha. But for the sake of beauty and preventing ugly tan lines, sacrifices must be made. It’s not that it’s uncomfortable wearing them. In fact, it’s much much much better than I imagined! I just hate having to put my fingers so close to my eye hahaha. Honestly, I’m scared everytime I have to put/take the contact lens out. Not helping that my eyelashes are long but points downwards so I have to stretch my eyelids so damn hard haha.

Oh yeah, I managed to make meringues!


Hmm I didn’t manage to make them look pretty but they tastes pretty ok! πŸ™‚ Too sweet for my liking though. It’s easy to make but takes a long while to bake. I read that humidity is not good for making meringues so… Singapore probably isn’t the best place to make them. Nonetheless, it was the first time I baked solo so it’s still an achievement!

As I was talking to another friend, I tried to figure out why I don’t like baking. I mean, it’s ok, but it’s just not fun/enjoyable for me. I guess it’s something like drawing. It’s kinda boring when you’re made to draw something in a certain way although the end-product can be really beautiful. But I’ll still find it much more fun to draw whatever I want, whichever way I want to. Maybe it’s because I’m not good with the basics of baking so I don’t know how to be more flexible when baking. Haha could be just me.

I also went for another run yesterday. Hmm I covered a shorter distance but I managed to run a longer distance without stopping. πŸ™‚ While stretching I thought my hamstrings were gonna snap cos it was so damn painful. I was also wondering if it’s good or bad to run when the muscles are already aching. Oh yeah it ached super badly after the previous run already. I guess stretching really helped cos I was feeling much better today. Note to self: don’t be so lazy and just stretch la.

Anyway, here’s a new song!


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