On the whim

Results day (not for me) + stereotypical Asian family is just… intolerable. The notion that whatever you do is never ever good enough just keeps whamming to and fro in your mind. Well, who am I to say. I was about to use “fact” instead of “notion” but I changed my words because, it’s never a fact! No one ever knows what is good enough. Instead, I think whether we do something good enough is totally up to the individual. It’s the same as how people define success! Maybe someone thinks raising a family well is the greatest success in life but maybe someone else thinks that ruling the stock market is what success encompasses. Ultimately, it’s what you want to do with your life. Yes, parents gave us the power to live and we should definitely be grateful for all that; tangibles and intangibles. But there is a line between letting the power allowing us to thrive and to crumble. For myself, I don’t know how to define that line until I have felt that I crossed it, so there’s no way I can give any form of advice about that. But I guess we all know, the line is there.


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