growing up again

It is really really hot in Singapore right now. Well, all that’s gonna change in a few hours time! Gonna fly to Sydney for a getaway. 🙂 The flight’s at midnight but I got a few bon voyage messages in the morning. Was a really pleasant way to start the day. And a bit weird haha. Nonetheless, one of the messages was just…. :O I switched off the phone screen and on again to check if it’s real. It’s real! Ok I’ll fill in the details for my own and only reader when I speak to you/see you again! Anyway, it really dispelled the whole “losing a friend” shitty feeling. But I still feel so mindful when I talk to the person, I don’t know why, I hope everything goes back to the way it was. Hahaha and the reason why I’m so :O about this is cos, I was just looking at the whatsapp photos in my phone ytd and soaking in the “losing a friend” shitty feeling haha. I’m really happy now, I can’t believe I’m even saying this.

I havent done a proper post after pros and since I have the time right now, I might as well. It’s about time I reflect about the past academic year.

So, ok I’m damn happy Pros is over. So freaking long! The papers… hmm ok just let me pass. I guess the best part is that I really tried my best and there’s no regrets. 🙂 After the last paper, I headed to vivo with the housemates, had lunch and caught The Great Gatsby! Movie tickets damn ex now but I didnt feel that sad paying for this movie. At the beginning I didnt get why Gatsby was labelled The Great Gatsby. At the end, I did, and I concur that label. After the movie,  I headed for dinner with some of them. Haha I seldom ate dinner with them, it’s quite funny listening to them crap. I guess sometimes it’s better to hang out in smaller groups too. Then I went back home and caught up with Running Man. Overall, it was a decent post-pros-day. 🙂

Spent the next few days rushing the Sydney itinerary. It was worse than studying for pros. I slept less and it was so stressful planning. Now my dark circles decided to inflate themselves and become eyebags.

Oh just ytd, I went for a friend’s 21st birthday party. Started wondering if I’ll hold one too. In the end, I think I won’t haha. If I already feel so awkward standing in the midst of people singing happy birthday song for me and wondering if I shld be singing along, wouldn’t it be harder to be a host to different groups of people who don’t know each other? Like asking them to grace the occasion for a day all about me. I suppose I’ll be contented with a few gatherings with the different groups of people in my life. And just thinking of the planning is such a turn off. Anyway, the party was really nice! Loved the food and the company. 🙂

Hmm so now for some reflections about the past academic year. I’m glad I survived! No idea how I did it, no idea how I’m gonna advise someone else about it too. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t have done it without the encouragement and support and tolerance (I’m such a -fill in your preferred vulgarity- person during exams I can’t stand myself too) of the people around. Maybe it was just a random message/remark but it felt like mini power boosts along the way. I’ve definitely gained alot of knowledge over this period of time, albeit not being very good at everything. I’ve gained dark circles, eyebags, a new found appreciation for coffee and a bunch of fun people to toll though exams and celebrate after exams. This year has been a blast. 🙂


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