baa baa baa

I’m allowing myself to chill until 7pm then I’ll start studying again. On to heart embryology! Today, I dug out a checklist for Pros. 😥 That sums up pretty much how I feel. Actually I never really minded studying. I only really hate it when it seems like your whole life depends on an exam (think of A levels) or when I’m forced to rush through cos of exams. Then again, if there’re no exams, I wonder if I’ll even revise.

It has been really really hot these days. It’s 34 degrees Celsius almost everyday. Have been sitting at the dining table to study cos there’s a fan. Today is one of the rare days where it isn’t that bad. I can finally retreat to my table without feeling like I’m gonna drown in my own sweat. 

Sigh actually I have nothing to say. It’s quite obvious right. I resorted to talking about the weather. Anyway, here’s a pretty interesting read!

Oh now that I’m thinking. There’s going to be an appreciation ceremony for the silent mentors (cadavers) on the last official school day. Hmm interesting way to end the school year. Yes it has been a year already. Doesn’t feel like it at all.


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